This is Heady Entertainment and This is What We Do


Do you know anyone at the venue you want to play at?

Have you worked with them before?

At first, all we wanted was to throw shows. To do this, we first had to learn about booking.  In the several years since, it is still a cornerstone of our company.

We pride ourselves in our ability to not only put together incredible billings but also to help bands get that one hard-to-route show locked in.  It is with this in mind that we offer services to bands to assist with booking whether it be their first time coming through the region or wanting to let go of some of the burden and rest it instead in the hands of dedicated agents.


Silo Effect on Boomerang Pirate Ship


Throwing a party?

Maybe a small festival?

What about a bigger one?

We’ve got team members that are well versed in all the details that go into making an event successful once gates are open and guests are coming in.  Whether it be SiteOps, Gate, Stage Management, Hospitality or any other department, let us take some of the load off so that you can get back to more important things… like enjoying your event.




So you got a gig?

That’s awesome.  Now what?

The next step can be even more challenging: getting folks to come out to the show. We offer a wide assortment of packages to shine a light on your show and help it standout among the countless other events, parties and concerts happening that night.


My name is John Church and as the founder of HE, I think it’s important to share a bit about who we are, what we do, and where we’re headed! Raised in Northern Virginia, I remember a time when Fairfax was known for its music, a time when you could go to any local bar or over to The State Theatre and experience original, live music. In the mid-2000’s, in the wake of TT Reynolds closing, it seemed like the area went into a music lull. Chances of seeing such shows locally faded and people adapted to having to travel to Baltimore or Richmond for their shows (myself included).

While booking shows and promoting music is probably the most essential work we do, it is only one avenue in which we are attempting to achieve our much more global goal. Our true aim is to cultivate and support a community that is brought and held together by the love of live music. We believe that music can change the world for it brings us all together and in the infinite release of a happenin’ dance floor, it reminds us that we are all the same.

“We are here to save the world by bringing it together with love and music one show at a time.”

-John David Church

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