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ALBUM REVIEW: Galaxy Dynamite — Forward! Into Oblivion

Galaxy Dyna­mite — For­ward! Into Obliv­ion Released April 222017 Pro­duced by Mark Pad­gett of Mae Around this time last year, Galaxy Dyna­mite announced they would be return­ing from their brief hia­tus. From Day 1 after that, the trio has been pour­ing its heart and soul into their craft. Fresh off of a very suc­cess­ful inau­gur­al StarFire Fes­ti­val, Galaxy Dyna­mite is


REVIEW & STREAM: Revelator Hill — Atlantic Detour

Rev­e­la­tor Hill — Atlantic Detour Released March 32017 Review by​“Ragin’” Randy Har­ris Wel­come to the next phase of Rev­e­la­tor Hill and a new gen­er­a­tion of blues-rock. Rev­e­la­tor Hill was formed in Wash­ing­ton, DC in 2016, and the band has been hyp­ing their debut album, Atlantic Detour, for months now. Atlantic Detour hits the lis­ten­er on mul­ti­ple fronts. At


The Strange Heat Releases Debut EP

The Strange Heat — The Black Rab­bit EP The Strange Heat is a col­lec­tive of four like-​mind­ed and deter­mined indi­vid­u­als that all bring their very own style to the band. With the band split even­ly between Philadel­phia and Wash­ing­ton, DC the col­ors of each city and indi­vid­ual shines through their music and per­for­mances. This band is the ulti­mate


Agori Tribe Releases Roller Coaster Tragedies

Agori Tribe Releas­es Roller Coast­er Tragedies Just a few months ago, Agori Tribe took us by storm on their first ever tour of the Mid-Atlantic. Stops in Bal­ti­more, Arling­ton, Philadel­phia and of course their ragin’ late night set at Madsum­mer Melt­down breathed a renewed vig­or into the band. As a result, they decid­ed to drop their new album, Roller Coast­er

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