REVIEW & STREAM: Revelator Hill – Atlantic Detour

Revelator Hill – Atlantic Detour

Released March 3, 2017

Review by “Ragin'” Randy Harris

Welcome to the next phase of Revelator Hill and a new generation of blues-rock. Revelator Hill was formed in Washington, DC in 2016, and the band has been hyping their debut album, Atlantic Detour, for months now. Atlantic Detour hits the listener on multiple fronts. At its core, we are transported back in time to the earliest generations of the blues and rock & roll blend that we all know and love. The lyrics are thoughtful and relatable, direct but not blatant. The plights of the average human being are echoed throughout the album, emitting a comforting emotion that blues music traditionally evokes.

And yet, there’s a freshness to the sound that draws the listener in even further. Bobby Thompson’s vocals and guitar work both have unique qualities to them that permeate the record. The distinct thumping of Seth Morrissey’s bass guitar stands strong while Wes Lanich’s keyboard work adds a jazzy and sometimes dreamy quality to the tunes. Finally, Gary Crockett’s drumming is steady and unwavering, holding down a tight groove throughout the album.

“Bad Luck Goodbye” leads off the record in style. From the first note, blues lovers will be on their feet and gettin’ down. “Gets Me Over” brings a little more grit into the mix, and then “Look At You Now” puts us right back into dancing mode. “Let It Roll” gets deep and dirty. The tune really lets loose in the solo section, building into an apex of pure rock & roll. The album grooves right on through with “Lay It On Me” and then digs deep into a slow blues-rock screamer with “How Many More Years.” “Enough To Go Around” shows some in-song versatility by taking quite a few different directions within the tune. The result comes out a bit more progressive than the rest of the album, and you will find yourself ensnared through every minute. Next, they slow it down with an acoustic tune, “Wild Country” before bringing the album to a close with “Stogie Jam.”

Check out this preview of the album below, and click HERE to purchase Atlantic Detour direct from the band’s website. Also, continue to scroll down to check out my interview with Bobby Thompson and hear what he had to say about the album and the band as a whole.

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