Andrew McConnell, Randy Harris and Lydia James-Harris on Heady Sunday Phunday with Broccoli Samurai

More Than a Friend to You and Me – Remembering Andrew McConnell

Around the time that Heady was being formed, I found myself in a random old row house in Richmond, Virginia. The musicians that lived there had painted all over the interior walls with doodles and an eclectic assortment of quotes and lyrics.

When We Die There Will Be Music In Our Graves

"When we die there will be music in our graves"

I’d never seen anything quite like those halls all those years ago and I sure as hell won’t forget them.

When Andrew showed up in DC a few years back, I didn’t know what to think.  At first, I wondered if I should be worried for my own interests in the wake of this new hurricane force of excitement barrelling into the scene.  Suffice to say, I’d never met anyone quite like Andrew before and I doubt I ever will. Well beyond passion and enthusiasm, his tenacity in regards to his ambitions, dreams and music as an immersive lifestyle and legacy was and always shall be nothing short of inspiring to those of us who knew him. To say he had become a fixture in the scene during his short tenure in our capital doesn’t begin to describe the impact he had through his publication, Live Music Daily or the impression he left upon the soul of anyone fortunate enough to have shared a laugh with him.

Andrew was a friend before anything and was one of the folks I’d get a call from randomly or a late night facebook message just to ask what I thought of a new album or if I was gonna be at a show later that week. He’s responsible for a lot more than any one of us knows, Im sure. And being a friend wasn’t enough for him either… he ended up introducing me to someone who I would not only be blessed to have as a friend but honored to work with at Heady Entertainment, Randy Harris.  In my eyes, that makes Andrew instrumental in one of the greatest things to happen to Heady Entertainment other than a pirate ship or Silo Effect.

Busy as he often was, finding a show that we would both be able to attend together was often difficult and led to more conversations than it did encores.  But when he accepted an invitation to a Sunday Phunday Cruise with Broccoli Samurai 2 years ago, I knew it would be a treat for him indeed.   Mind you, if you’ve been on one of these cruises, you know that there’s nothing like it.

Andrew McConnell, Randy Harris and Lydia James-Harris on Heady Sunday Phunday with Broccoli Samurai

He didn’t miss a step though.  Not only did he crush my high score on the bar, he made moves to get us an opener and setbreak set from a DJ friend of his that was passsing through.

Then somewhere near the tail end of the afternoon, he comes up and puts his arm around my shoulders, takes off his sunglasses and says, “This is it man.  F*** everything else.  Music on the high seas.  Nothing else comes close. Thank you so much for this.”

Andrew McConnell and John Church on Heady Sunday Phunday with Broccoli Samurai

We all got into this to share the joy of music with others and it’s not often we get to have that joy shared with us.  That and let’s be honest, trying to show Andrew a time like no other is not exactly a simple order.  It’s the least we could do for someone as entwined with the scene we set out to support as him.

Thank you for your words of encouragement over the years.  Thank you for your regalement of shows that turn to memories when the sun rises the following morning.   Thank you for everything you did while you walked among us.

Above all, thank you for being a friend to Heady, myself and to the music scene you loved so dear.

Can't wait to read the exclusive review of "Bowie and Prince Covering George Michael"

So long friend, you are missed.

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