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Artist Services

Between booking, logistical planning, contract negotiation, hotels, and transportation, how are you going to have time to devote yourself to your art the way you know you should?

Imagine having a team to support your dream.  Let us carry some of the burden so that you can get back to what brought you here, your music.

Audience Feedback

You aren’t  in a band.  But you go to enough shows, you might as well be.  The way we see it, there is no person better than you to offer insight into how a show was, be it good or bad.  So tell us your thoughts on your most recent night out on the town so that we can do the next one even better.

Booking Inquiries

Leverage our network to route that tour or finish off the run.

Promotional Services

It is a hard lesson to learn: Good billing doesn’t guarantee a great turnout.

You’ve got to spread the word as effectively as possible.  This requires strategies that are unique to  every event and target audience andlocale.

Bring us on and know that you are getting more than a promo team.  You are getting a partner invested in your show’s success.

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