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ALBUM REVIEW: Galaxy Dynamite – Forward! Into Oblivion

Galaxy Dynamite – Forward! Into Oblivion

Released April 22, 2017

Produced by Mark Padgett of Mae

Around this time last year, Galaxy Dynamite announced they would be returning from their brief hiatus. From Day 1 after that, the trio has been pouring its heart and soul into their craft. Fresh off of a very successful inaugural StarFire Festival, Galaxy Dynamite is also celebrating the release of their new album, Forward! Into Oblivion. The eight-track masterpiece, produced by Mark Padgett (Mae), is meant to be accompanied by the band’s original graphic novel series, entitled StarFire. Each song represents an issue in the series, allowing the listener to dive into the music along with a visual component. The album, however, also stands tall on its own.

“Launchpad” aptly performs its role, sending us straight to the moon right off the bat. “Fault In Our Stars” keeps us in outer space but digs much deeper lyrically. Of particular notice is the swirling build-up in the bridge, which climaxes into beautiful vocal harmonies. “Horizons” picks up the pace and brings a little edginess to the table. Driving drums and deep bass pave the way for raging lead guitar and interstellar synths. “Under The Sun” brings back the electronic feel from the opener and bursts forth into euphoria.

“The Perfect Cure” slows things down to kick off the second half of the album, as the band delves into beautiful keyboard-led harmonies. “10000 Villages” brings us right back into the grind, led by crafty drum work and powerful synths. “Shiny and New” starts off deceptively laid back, but the tune takes an unexpected, yet fitting, turn down the rabbit hole. By this point in the album, you are probably wondering what universe you ended up in. There is one more song to go, however, and what better tune to end on than the band’s single that led the charge of their return. “Back To Square One” closes out the album heartily, leaving the listener beyond satisfied.

One thing is for sure; there is definitely no need to wait for the graphic novel accompaniment. This album is absolutely fantastic from start to finish. From the energy to the composition to the lyrics, Forward! Into Oblivion takes hold on all levels leading listeners on a transformative, psychedelic journey. The album is out now via Bandcamp.

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